Windzone EK-1HD Tool Kit

Two things come to mind when thinking about long-distance summertime motorcycle road trips: great panoramic views and epic roadside breakdowns. Just a few years ago, I rode a brand-spanking-new V-twin cruiser on a cross-country excursion with some colleagues. On the last day of the ride, while my brothers were leading the way, my ride gave up the ghost. No lights, no fuel injection, no ignition, no power … nothing! I tried to alert my faithful friends up ahead, but, alas, not even the horn worked. After coasting to the side of the road, and finding I had no cellphone coverage, I realized I had to go this breakdown alone. Unfortunately, the usually trusty multi-tool hanging from my belt was not up to the task. I needed real tools — real wrenches, real screwdrivers — I was really screwed.

That’s why I now always pack a few full-size tools for just such breakdowns. Now that I’ve found this Essential Tool Kit from Windzone products, I have everything I might need for a repeat performance of my now famous roadside repair trip. The Windzone EK-1HD has quality full-size tools and supplies.

The Windzone kit comes with a 3/8″ drive ratchet and two spark plug sockets, four wrenches, nine Hex Allen keys, a seven-piece Torx set (T-10 through T-40), four screwdrivers (two Phillips and two flat-blade), and the universal bolt turner, locking pliers. Something in this collection should turn whatever fasteners you encounter. For more specialized work, there’s a comprehensive collection of tools, including a tire pressure gauge, flashlight, wire, tape, zip-ties, siphon hose, and even a shop rag for cleanup.

The tool kit rolls up to fit into a tool bag 10" long and 4" wide.

While the package is a little big for everyday carrying on my assorted bikes, you can bet I’ll make room for the Windzone EK-1HD anytime I ride over a state line.

By Steve Lita

Hard Data:  Windzone, EK-1HD Tool Kit, $60, 800/381-8030,